Terms and Conditions

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the images and details of the products listed on this site.

Sizes, volumes, and capacities are approximate and we will not be held responsible if an item is smaller or larger than that stated. Each individual product may vary in size from one to the other. This is unavoidable in most cases.

Small design and or colour changes to products may occur as a result of changes made by the manufacturer without prior notice: this is not within our control. All descriptions & information are not subject to a guarantee of accuracy although every care is taken.

On engraved goods, no responsibility can be taken by Affordable Trophies for any mistakes made by the purchaser in ordering their goods. Any item that has been customised, engraved or change for your unique requirements is not refundable should you decide it does not suit your purpose or if you change your mind after the item has been customised.

If you have any more queries relating to our Conditions of Use please make an inquiry via the Contact Section.


Standard product samples are available to view in store.

Order Cancellation

If any order is cancelled and the stock has been ordered with the manufacturer a re-stocking fee may be charged in line with the manufacturer’s policy.

If a custom order is cancelled we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee based on our evaluation of the cost to our business. If any work has been undertaken the customer is liable for the payment for that work before any refund can be considered. If a customised order has been completed and no part of the item can be salvaged and reused or resold then no refund will be given.


We do not accept returns of any type after 30 days from the initial sale. If goods are returned within 30 days from purchase they must be in original condition with no personalisation. Any accepted returns will incur a re-stocking and administration fee. The manager reserves the right to refuse any returns after a period of 30 days has elapsed from the date of purchase.

We will not accept returns for any item that you approved and that we have custom made to your specifications.